Futurama Crossover Content in The Simpsons

Good news everyone! There was Futurama crossover content in The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XXIX ~ I spotted one definite (and one possible) in the epic Couch Gag by Guillermo del Toro.

All Glory To The Hypnotoad ~ Near the end when Alice/Lisa falls down the rabbit hole…Futuramas Future - The Simpsons - FTOTips

Maggie is driving a car that resembles Bender as a Were-Car in “The Honking“…
Bender From The Honking in The Simpsons - FTO Tips

Off-Topic: I could post at least a dozen more favorite scenes (like this, not FTO related) so I’ll stop with this mind-blowingly epic one. I’m an original Lost in Space fan BTW. Sort of looks like the tentacled-monster is grabbing for Robot B-9. Makes me want to yell “Warning! Warning!” Anyway, after my epic goof with the Google Goo  thingy yesterday [LMSMAO] I’m reluctant to venture a guess as to what the tentacled-monster is… can anyone help me out here ❓ 😉 …WTH - FTOTips

I’m gonna watch this so many more times. I’ll also be posting about this on my DrewDabble.com blog. Thank You Fox & Guillermo del Toro…

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