A sweet Scratch-R winning streak, but why now?

Simpsons Tapped Out Scratch-R Winning Streak

I’ve been playing The Simpson Tapped Out (TSTO) daily for several months now. In “TSTO Time”… I joined the game after the Valentine’s Day event but before the St. Patrick’s Day thing, when all the water turned bright green!

The Simpsons Tapped Out - Valintines Day Event   O'Flanagan's Pub

One activity that occurs several times per day is the Itchy and Scratchy “Scratch-R” scratch-off lottery at the Kwik-E-Mart. I’ve only hit the $10,000 jackpot once before in months of regular play. Even worse, lately, I only seem to win the lowest amount possible, $350, almost every time. At $250 to play, that’s only a $100 profit. To be honest, considering the amount effort it takes, compared to collecting taxes from buildings & items, it was becoming sort-of a drag.

Anyway, with the Squidport update STILL NOT HERE YET, I’ve been trying to work on my Conform-o-meter. I’ve never been above 4 stars. So I decided to try adding a second Kwik-E-Mart to see if it would raise my Consumerism rating. So far, not so much. But there is one really cool thing that’s been happening since I’ve added the second Kwik-E-Mart. I’ve been getting much better results from the Scratch-R’s. The last 8 have yielded…

$10,000 – Once
$2,500 – Once
$1,250 – Twice
$750 – Four Times

Nothing less than $750 in 8 plays! This could just be random luck. Whatever the case, I hope it continues; it’s made doing Scratch-R’s exciting again. Has anyone else experienced this?

I’ve never tried a “Golden” Scratch-R. Always figured (with my long history of bad luck wiht games of chance) it’d just be a waste donuts. Besides as you can see from my Scratch-R Jackpot screen-capture (click it for full size), I’m pretty well set for donuts right now. Thanks to Gil’s recent day-old donut sale.

I am completely obsessed with the idea of Futurama Tapped Out. If EA makes FTO, I wonder what will be used to buy premium items. There are 2 things that immediately come to mind. Pretty much the equivalent of donuts in The Simpsons, would be cans of Slurm soft-drink. Or since Bender runs on booze, maybe bottles of Löbrau, or upscale microbrew Bendërbrāu, or high gravity Olde Fortran, or a hipsterbot’s best friend Pabst Blue Robot!

Futurama Tapped Out - Slurm Can   Futurama Tapped Out LoBrau Beer   Futurama Tapped Out Benderbrau Beer

Futurama Tapped Out Olde Fortran Malt Liquor Futurama Tapped Out PBRobot Beer

Just think about all the far-out Futurama stuff that could be used in FTO. There’s a great list at The Infosphere Futurama Wiki. A slick FTO~TSTO tie-in could have Gil Gunderson sneak into Professor Frink’s lab and get zapped 1000 years forward to New New York. It wouldn’t take ol’ Gil very long to come up with a scheme to hustle expired cases of Slurm, Beer, or something like that.

Well it’s about time to check back with TSTO to see if my Scratch-R wining streak will continue???

>>> Update: June 23, 2013… The winning streak has slowed down a little, but I still seem to be getting better results form the Scratch-R’s than before.

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