Bender, Ballmer, DiMaggio and serendipity…

Life is sometimes amazingly serendipitous. For instance, about the same time (back in 1999) when John DiMaggio first began giving voice to one of my all-time favorite animated characters, Bender Bending Rodriguez; he also co-starred in one of my all-time favorite made-for-television movies “Pirates of Silicon Valley” (POSV).

Bender & John

Every geek on the planet (worth their laptop and smartphone) should watch this. It is a “well dramatized” account of the development of Microsoft and Apple. DiMaggio played Steve Ballmer, who was also one of the two central narrators of the story. IMO this made the movie much better. After all DiMaggio is a voice-actor extraordinaire! Plus, I’m the type of viewer that’s enjoys good narration. For example, I think the original 1982 theatrical release of Blade Runner with Deckard’s voice-over is much more enjoyable than the versions without it. I really dig the Sam Spade / Mike Hammer thing.

POSV was a pretty dang big deal back then. Noah Wyle was actually asked by Steve Jobs to impersonate him at the opening of the 1999 Macworld…

I have too many favorite moments from POSV, but this one is near the the top. Ballmer (DiMaggio) is narrating plus I absolutely love the piano piece and the vintage B&O Hi-Fi equipment…

Amazon has POSV available on DVD or you can watch it instantly…

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