Update: Is Bender coming to TSTO?

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Bender did indeed make an appearance in TSTO!
Alas, only in a series of dialogues. None-the-less, I’m still totally stoked about it 🙂

Beder Time

Sorry Barbarian Homer, but I must reluctantly disagree with you.
Bender Bending Rodríguez is definitely the good (make that “the best”) kind of Bender.
Once-upon-a-time (in my boozier years) I might have sided with you.
However, now, I just want Futurama to ‘live on’ in some form or the other ~ and this is a very good start.

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Spoiler Alert: Is Bender coming to TSTO?

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The Simpsons Futurama Crossover Crisis 1
My friend Chris J made a post on TOuk that has gotten me so excited that I felt compelled to add a post to this blog, which I rarely do these days. That should give some indication as to how fired-up I am about this. Chris was letting us know that ‘The Legendary’ spAnser has posted (on TSTONews) that an icon of Bender has been added to the game files with the ‘Medieval Times’ update!

Oh please let this be a sign that that the upcoming Simpsons/Futurama crossover will include an Episode Tie-In for TSTO.

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Tapped Out Goes Futurama? (Part One)

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Hello Tappers!

Do you remember a long time ago back in the days when TSTO TopiX just began? Nope? Neither can I. However I can remember my first speculation post on the site that included myself speculating about the possibilities of having the Griffins in tapped out due to the upcoming crossover between the two shows later this year. However since Family Guy now have a game of their own I now think this very unlikely that we will see an episode tie-in for ‘Simpson Guy’. This was already at a low chance since the episode was going to air on Family Guy not The Simpsons. The post for my speculation about ‘The Griffins in Springfield’ can be found here.


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An Unmistakable Futurama Reference in TSTO!

Back in late October on my DrewDabble blog I posted about what could have been (speculatively) perceived as a reference to Futurama in The Simpsons Tapped Out.

Good news everyone! We now have an unmistakable Futurama content sighting in TSTO.

As part of the Holiday 2013 update… in the quest ‘Too Much of a Good Thing’ Part 10 where many Springfielders are tasked to eat out at restaurants; some of them have dialogue pop-ups with various humorous comments about this task.

Comic Book Guy mentions Slurm, a soft drink from Futurama…
Slurm from Futurama in TSTO

BTW: I’ll bet Kang and Kodos would also enjoy a nice helping of Soylent Green 😉

Futurama lives on in TSTO…

Will there ever be a Futurama Tapped Out? While it may seem far-fetched at this point ~ I say… never say never!

Numerous sources reported that Matt Groening said (at Comic-Con in July 2013) that there will be a Simpsons/Futurama crossover either as The Simpsons’ Season 25 finale or Season 26 premiere. This would seem to hint that there could, at least, be an episode tie-in for The Simpsons Tapped Out (TSTO).

I for one, would cough-up beaucoup donuts for some Futurama content in TSTO. What might that Futurama content be? Well Bender would be as good a guess as any. The lovable but mischievous, insult spouting, robot is probably the most widely known and recognized character, right meat bags?

Until then, we can still enjoy some wonderful Futurama content in TSTO via the efforts of talented TSTO 2D artists. What is that you ask? It is art created in the TSTO game by placing various decorations like bushes, trash cans and the debris found on new squares of land that is usually cleaned up by Homer and Lisa.

Here are a couple of stunning examples…

First is the Planet Express Ship by Bunny Dud (or ‘Lite-Brite’ as I call her)…Bunny Dud's Futurama Planet Express Ship

This was actually done back in August at my request. I had planned to use it for a post, on my personal blog DrewDabble.com, that never came to fruition. My appy-polly-loggies to her for such a long delay before using it. You can see more of Bunny’s inspiring 2D art on her Flickr page. You can also check out her writing/blogging at TSTOAddicts.com.

Next is that outrageous scamp himself… Bender done by an artistic WookieeWOOKIEECORP's Bender

Yeah you heard me correctly… a Wookiee!  aka wookieecorp as he’s known at his home base TSTOAddicts.com (where you can read his blog posts) or as Joe Wookiee Riot (JWR) to his friends and neighbor-eenos at Tapped-Out UK.

Bunny and Wookiee were among the first friends I made when I ‘went social’ with my TSTO participation. I truly appreciate them and all the wonderful friends I’ve made; all due to a ‘life ruiningly fun’ game that I randomly selected on one extremely lucky day in late February 2013. It’s like I expressed in my DD Blog post…  “TSTO is much more than a game, it’s a lifestyle”.

Miscellaneous TSTO Speculations

More foolish DrewBabble from DrewDabble… I see Futurama TSTO crossover content!!!

DrewDabble Black

Cheese It - Dolph Starbeam Quoating Bender Maybe -DrewDabble

Is “Cheese it” a Futurama reference? It’s one of my all-time favorite Bender sayings

Outside of old 1940’s and 1950’s black & white gangster movies, the only other place I ever recall hearing “Cheese it” was Katey Sagal as Peggy Bundy in Married with Children. Sagal is the voice actor for the character Leela in Futurama. That’s what Kelly Bundy would call a coinkydink’  😉

So anyway, if you think that was speculative, I’m just getting warmed up… How about the possible return of the Mapple Store?

The next new episode of the Simpsons “Four Regrettings and a Funeral” is airing Sunday after next – November 3th (in the US). This is apparently the episode where someone dies. Folks are sharing regrets at the funeral. Homer’s is about selling his Mapple stock to buy a bowling ball. This would seem to be a perfect opportunity for a TSTO tie-in bringing the Mapple Store back for a very limited time. Please EA…

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Futurama Crossover Content in The Simpsons

Good news everyone! There was Futurama crossover content in The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XXIX ~ I spotted one definite (and one possible) in the epic Couch Gag by Guillermo del Toro.

All Glory To The Hypnotoad ~ Near the end when Alice/Lisa falls down the rabbit hole…Futuramas Future - The Simpsons - FTOTips

Maggie is driving a car that resembles Bender as a Were-Car in “The Honking“…
Bender From The Honking in The Simpsons - FTO Tips

Off-Topic: I could post at least a dozen more favorite scenes (like this, not FTO related) so I’ll stop with this mind-blowingly epic one. I’m an original Lost in Space fan BTW. Sort of looks like the tentacled-monster is grabbing for Robot B-9. Makes me want to yell “Warning! Warning!” Anyway, after my epic goof with the Google Goo  thingy yesterday [LMSMAO] I’m reluctant to venture a guess as to what the tentacled-monster is… can anyone help me out here ❓ 😉 …WTH - FTOTips

I’m gonna watch this so many more times. I’ll also be posting about this on my DrewDabble.com blog. Thank You Fox & Guillermo del Toro…

DrewDabble bids adieu to Futurama…

DrewDabble Avatar smallPlease join DrewDabble in promoting interest in a future for Futurama! Although the last TV episode aired last night on Comedy Central, this series has come back before. Read more here on DrewDabble.com. I will be posting any information (or rumors) I can find about future Futurama doings here and on DrewDabble.com…

The Simpsons Tapped Out – Cool Texture Rendering Glitches

Been seeing some really cool texture rendering glitches lately…Simpsons Tapped Out - Otto Bus Mechanic Glitch -DrewDabble
Poor Otto is half the bus mechanic he was before the Squidport update. Now when I task him to ”work on the bus” or “sleep it off”, instead of being under or on top of the bus (respectively), he’s displaced to the left. When I move the bus away from the Bowl-a-Rama… Otto snaps back to the correct positions.
See more full-res screen shots about this here…

Simpsons Tapped Out Glitch - Skinner House [zoomed in]
By far the coolest texture glitch I’ve seen so far. It is a mosaic of Skinner House fragments. Most interestingly they are “mirrored images” (flipped horizontally).
See more full-res screen shots about this here…

Simpsons Tapped Out Glitch - Row of bushes morph into Comic Book Guy as Spock
This is a favorite part of my TSTO Springfield. What I call my Frink Facility. A row of bushes kept morphing into various game characters. I got a little carried away with this one. I was, of course, waiting for Frink to show up. Alas he never did before a phone call ended this glitch capturing session.
See more full-res screen shots about this here…

Saddened by the loss of actor James Gandolfini…

James Gandolfini

I was deeply saddened by the loss of actor James Gandolfini on June 19, 2013. Like The Simpsons (and Futurama), The Sopranos is one of my very favorite shows. I’ve seen every episode multiple times. Both uncut on HBO & DVDs plus the censored re-runs on other channels. Gandolfini masterfully brought Tony Soprano to life. Thanks (in part) to his vast skill as an actor, The Sopranos became one of those rare productions that are “so real”, you lose track of the fact you’re watching a fictional television show. My heartfelt condolences go out to his Family, Friends and Fans. He will be sorely missed.

I was making some screen shots of texture rendering glitches in The Simpson Tapped Out game the day after Gandolfini passed away when a row bushes morphed into a row of Fat Tony ‘busts’. It made me very sad and my thoughts began to drift. I began to wonder about the origin of Tony Sopranos’ name. The Simpsons character Fat Tony (Marion Anthony “Fat Tony” D’Amico), voiced by Joe Mantegna, first appeared in The Simpson episode “Bart the Murderer” back in 1991. The Sopranos premiered almost a decade later in 1999. I’ve always wondered if their names both being Tony had any connection.

The Simspsons Tapped Out - Fat Tony

Futurama also has its mobsters in the form of the Robot Mafia
Futurama Robot Mafia